WARNING : Extreme Paintball Training DVD - Highly Trained Professional Help Recommended
"Get Better Faster" Xball Training Paintball DVD
Shoot Kill Win! Get Better Faster Xball instructional Dvd
paintball video3 X world Champions of paintball Matty Marshall, Rich Telford, Micah McGlocklin and Krew UNLEASH THE POWER OF A HIGHER PAINTBALL KNOWLEDGE with the Get Better Faster paintball instructional DVD video. Learn the Tactics, Drills and Techniques that will improve your Game and Skill level. Filmed over the summer of 2003, edited over the winter, and coming in at over 1 HR 15 MIN's with 16sixteen Chapters filling out the DVD Video.

You Will Learn the SHOOT KILL WIN techniques for higher tournament placing and earnings. Practice Drills that the top NXL™ XBALL Teams use to win and stay on top of their game. Special Guest appearance's from the top paintball players on the NPPL and PSP Tournament paintball circuits.

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